Hello LCCC families!

I am writing this on my first official Monday of retirement! I fully intended to post this before I physically left the centre ... but best laid plans..

 I just wanted to say  thank you. I have worked for LCCC for a full half of my life and it has, indeed, been the time of my life.   I have had the privilege to work with so many amazing teachers, board members, and families. I have made life long friends and have learned SO much from SO many . Even (maybe especially) the hard times have come with so much learning and so many lessons. And the best of times, have been simply that.

LCCC has been a second home for my family. My children have never known anything but me working here and their lives being intertwined with the centre has been just a part of their being. It was a gift to be able to bring them to work with me and to have them as part of my work life for so many years.

I can't say goodbye without saying that the success of LCCC has depended on our amazing staff . They are EVERYTHING. While offering developmentally appropriate, stimulating and interesting programs and high quality childcare is our primary function, it is essential to recognize that it is our front line staff that deliver that quality every day. Quality care depends on consistent caregivers and relationships. The amazing Boards of Directors we have had over the years have taught me so much,  and each one has brought something great to the centre . Please consider joining the Board, it is good for the centre and good for you too! The connections made cannot be understated.

Thank you all so much. It has been amazing to be part of the Lakeshore community, and part of the village supporting children and families. See you all at the next pub night ! 🙂


Lisa Tjernstrom RECE - former LCCC Director (!)