The Toddler rooms are licensed for 10 children. The ratio is one adult to every 5 children. We achieve this by having a third staff who works a split shift.

The toddlers are 18 months to 2 ½ years old, and as such the classroom is very busy! They explore their world through direct sensory and motor contact.  We have lots of opportunity for the toddlers to optimize their development in all areas.  A daily schedule that the children can count on with warm, nurturing staff that welcome the whole family to the centre making for a safe and secure place to learn and grow.

We focus on holistic growth by planning activties geared towards all developmental areas;  emotional, language, cognition, physical and social. 


    • Cognitive development includes skills pertaining to learning and thinking
    •  This includes cause-and-effect, reasoning, as well as early-math skills (matching, sorting, colour recognition, etc)


    • Physical development includes mastering movement, balance, fine and gross motor skills
    • Fine motor activities teach hand-eye coordination
    • Things like coloring, cutting with scissors, using tweezers, tearing paper etc. (all help build fine motor skills)
    • Exercising large muscles as well as small – painting,  picking up a ball and throwing it, kicking, jumping, hopping, galloping


    • Communicative development includes your child's skills to understand the spoken word and express him or herself verbally
    • During early childhood your child goes from speaking in single words to short sentences to speaking in sentences of more than five words

Social & Emotional

    • Beginning to learn to share with each other; toddlers are typically engaged in solitary play but begin to learn how to work together with a friend and enter into play relationships

Self help

    • Adaptive skills refer to the skills used for daily living, such as; dressing, eating, toileting and washing
    • Beginning in the toddler room, your child will start to  learn to dress and undress him or herself, use utensils for eating and  pour some liquid without assistance

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