“A significant body of research indicates that positive, caring, and respectful relationships are the
foundation for optimal learning, development, health and well-being.” HDLH P. 25

Lakeshore Community Child Care Centre views children as competent, capable, curious and rich in potential (How Does Learning Happen 2012) This Program Statement describes our goals for children, families and educators as well as the approaches we will use to meet these commitments.

Goal: Supporting children as they develop positive ways of interacting with others Support for children’s ability to self-regulate.

Our approaches:
• Support children with positive guidance; respond positively to both verbal and non-verbal cues
from children
• Follow individual cues of children, developing an awareness of each child, how they adapt to
situations and environments
• Support the development of self-awareness and positive self-image
• Acknowledging each child as an individual
• Help children to name emotions
• Create a safe emotional environment
• Role model positive social skills

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