kindergarten educators

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simone williams 

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Hello, my name is Simone! I am a recent graduate with an honour’s degree in Child Development, registered with the college of early childhood education. I am new to the LCCC family, with almost two years educating in the kindergarten rooms. I’ve taught in numerous different early learning environments throughout Toronto from children community houses, learning centres, TDSB as well as before and after programming. These environments were driven to support the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of children on all spectrums. I chose this program as I wanted to assist children from a multitude of different socio-economic backgrounds to the best of my capability. The knowledge I acquired from completing several awareness training models aided in developing programming that may accommodate children with the advancement of their mental health. 

 One of the greatest parts of being an educator is permitting yourself to create an environment in which everyone present is a co-learner, where engagement is ongoing, and all are free to fully explore! An aspect of being an educator that I truly enjoy is watching children make connections with the items they have chosen to play with. Separate from encouraging the individual growth of the children in my classroom I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, partaking in outdoor activities and roller skating. 

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Samira Abubaker 

Registered Early Childhood Educator

My name is Samira Abubaker. I'm a registered Early Childhood Educator and have been in the field for 8 years. I love working with children and helping them further their education as well as teaching them about the world today. One of my favourite things to do is art. Art has become a great tool for me, especially during this time. I do all types of art such as  abstract, acrylic pouring methods and many more. I recently discovered resin, it has been a beautiful journey and has expanded my art portfolio. Some of the other things I enjoy during my spare time are rollerblading, hiking, bike riding, spending time with family, painting and riding horses. 

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Derek Murack 

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Hi, my name is Derek. I have been an RECE in the K2 room for 4 years! During my time, I have worked diligently to keep the program and classroom fresh and welcoming. Some of my favourite parts of working with children are teaching them through stories and connecting what we’ve learned from books to other areas of play such as art, sensory or dramatic play. Reading about animals, diverse heroes and silly stories are my favourite! A highlight of a usual day is working with the children in setting up the classroom. I believe in the importance of teaching them how to set up and maintain centres in the classroom in purposeful and beautiful ways while enabling them to fully explore and engage their current interests with a developmentally appropriate approach. I happen to live quite close by and I am so happy to live and work in such an amazing community. I enjoy researching natural materials, unique manipulatives and socially relevant books to enhance the experiences and esthetics of the program and classroom.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my partner and dog, taking my niece on adventures, tennis and camping!