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Celebrating Fathers & Grown-ups Who Love Us

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Whether you're a father, a mother, a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or an adult that plays a special role in the life of a child, the value you add to their life is immeasurable, and also a true honour. To be in a position to give and receive love from a child is one of life's greatest privileges. Everyday the children in our centre are eager to share stories of their family and special memories close to their heart. This tells us that the adults in their lives are significant figures that they respect, love and value immensely.

To celebrate all of these special figures in the children's lives, the classrooms put together creative homemade gifts to share their love. Some silly, some sweet, all full of heart and sentiment. Let's see what the classrooms made this year:


These toddlers made their own photo frames out of puzzle pieces to insert a framed photo of themselves. The play on words is very cute and something their loved one will keep on display forever!


This clever creation of a super hero in the child's life was made with hand and feet prints! And seeing each child's interpretation of important details about their special adult is cute and humorous.

These monogramed mugs made by Preschoolers highlighted their creativity through colours and patterns. They also attached personalized keychains with both their own name and the name of their special adult.


Personalized socks for toe-tally awesome adults! Not only are these the most unique socks they will ever own, each sock is unique from their mate, too! A perfectly imperfect pair.

We hope that every adult who received these gifts or others, had a beautiful and special day spent with their child and loved ones. There is not enough we can do to say thank you, but this is a small gesture of the big love that is felt.

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