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Inspiring Activities that LCCC kids did for Black History Month!

Toddler 1 was inspired by Bob Marley!

Bob Marley was an iconic Jamaican singer and composer. Because of him, he popularized Reggae music around the world. One of his hit songs, which T1 danced and listened to was “One Love”! The classroom was so inspired they created these beautiful art pieces that symbolize peace, love and unity!


The Toddler 2 room are very much playful and active kids! The class incorporated sports as a way to delve into iconic black athletes throughout history. One of the athletes they were inspired by was Willie O’ Ree who is was born in New Brunswick, Canada. Willie was the first person of colour to play in the NHL and played on the Boston Bruins. He helped break the colour barrier for many athletes especially in hockey!


In honour of Black History month, Kindergarten 1 room made African rainmakers, read books and created art that symbolized peace and unity.

Aqura, the lead educator also made homemade Jamaican festivals for the students to explore their sense of taste! Later this week, Samira the RECE will be creating a Kenyan salad with Avocado for the kids to try!

Suzanne our Dietary Aide made a Jamaican Spice Bun Bread with cheddar cheese for the entire LCCC! All of the classes very much enjoyed this new snack! Here is K1 enjoying the snack and Samira explaining all about this traditional Jamaican bread!

We will post the Jamaican Spice Bun Bread later this week for our LCCC families to make at home

Look out for more activities to come ... not only this month, but all year round honouring and celebrating

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