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LCCC is celebrating our 32nd Anniversary and we THANK YOU for all the memories

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre began with a group of community members in 1987 in conjunction with the plans for the rebuilding of Seventh Street School. After much hard work and political lobbying, Lakeshore Community Child Care Centre opened its doors to families in South Etobicoke on January 8th 1990. The goals of this group were, and still are, to provide a high quality, non-profit, community-based program that is run by the parents using it. The corner stone of this building is partnerships between the community, the parents, Seventh Street School and Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre.

After thirty two years LCCC has really taken advantage of the vast amount of opportunities and challenges made available to the organization.

The childcare field in Ontario has gone through many changes over the past several years but one thing never changes and that is our enthusiasm to offer the best, high quality early years and child care programs for families in South Etobicoke.

LCCC credits the dedicated, professional Early Childhood Educators, and all of our staff for our success. These caring and committed members have made every day special for all the children and families that have passed through our doors since 1990.

We want to also thank all the past and current LCCC board of directors, operators, administrators, the TDSB and staff for their support over the years. Without their support, LCCC could not have survived some of the challenges and changes we have faced in the child care field, especially throughout this pandemic.

Every person involved has demonstrated support through their guidance, leadership, dedication and even many hours of volunteerism. You have been an integral part of LCCC’s growth and overall success of our organization.

LCCC would also like to thank all of the past families and all of the current families for their continued support and commitment and choosing us to care for their children. Our greatest joy over the years has been to see the growth and progression of every child. Ingrained in the character of our institution, is that desire to continuously improve not just for ourselves, but for you and your families whom we impact through our service.

The future, while somewhat unfamiliar will provide LCCC with a new sense of purpose and a renewed commitment to leading the child care sector forward. We will continue to provide support to our staff and families and to develop strategies for continuous improvement and growth. LCCC will continue to be poised on delivering to you a transformational educational experience, which you’ve come to know and expect of us.

Together we are going to accomplish great things in the years ahead. LCCC is here for it and STONGER THAN EVER!

Once again…

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