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Let’s STAY SAFE this HOLIDAY SEASON: info regarding travel, hosting & visiting loved ones…

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Let’s STAY SAFE this HOLIDAY SEASON: info regarding travel, hosting & visiting loved ones…

As we enter the winter break, families are reminded to continue following health and safety measures to ensure students and staff can safely return to school in January 2022.

During the holidays, it is important for everyone to adhere to the public health measures in your communities when connecting with one another.

By following public health advice, everyone can enjoy a safe and fun holiday season. You can check the government’s holiday webpage for more direct and up-to-date guidance on how individuals and families can plan for a safe holiday season, including suggestions for safer holiday activities for children and families. Also safety regarding hosting parties, overnight stays when visiting loved ones and both domestic and international travel.

Mandatory Requirements for unvaccinated children 12 years and under, TRAVELLING

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Holidays: Overnight stays, Domestic & International Travel
  • Travellers should stay informed about the COVID-19 situation at their destination and follow all local COVID-19 restrictions

  • If any traveller is symptomatic upon return, even with mild symptoms, they should get tested and stay at home

Domestic and international travel

Individuals who decide to travel internationally must follow all rules and regulations outlined by the federal government.

Overnight Stays

  • Ensure you adhere to provincial restrictions on organized public events and social gatherings (local restrictions may also apply)

  • Consider whether you, someone you live with or anyone you plan to visit, is at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. This can determine whether to stay overnight in the same residence or to stay elsewhere

  • Consider and prepare for what you will do if you or someone else becomes ill during the visit, even with mild symptoms, including creating plans for self-isolation, health care and travel home


As a reminder, anyone feeling ill should not attend school or daycare
All children, students, staff, and visitors must be screened for symptoms of illness every day before attending school or child care.

Refer to LCCC's updated COVID-19 POLICY

Self-screening will still be a requirement when we return to school and we will continue to reinforce masking and hand hygiene as well as cohorting and physical distancing with students and staff.

Stay safe this holiday!

from the LCCC Staff

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