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Pride Proud

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

This past month, our classrooms discussed the meaning of Pride Month, and the importance of acknowledging it not only during June, but all year round. Our classroom teachers guided their classrooms in not only celebrating the Pride movement, but also using Pride month as a serious political reminder that LGBTQIA people are here, and deserve the same rights as everyone else. Though our classrooms range in age and developmental milestones, it is never too early for children to learn about equality, fairness, respect and treating others with kindness. So, that's what our teachers so wonderfully did, in unique and different ways that were developmentally appropriate for each respective classroom. And seeing this message being presented across the centre, is what makes us proud to be a part of the Lakeshore Community.


Our toddler teachers did an incredible job of teaching their classrooms about kindness and fairness among everyone. It's a simple lesson with a lot of meaning, especially for our sweet toddlers. By creating Pride flags and using fun, rainbow colours, the toddlers are able to make a visual representation to the idea that everyone, all people, no matter colour, shape, size or orientation, can be united together. We love seeing how even at a young age, big concepts can be introduced.


Preschoolers learned about Pride Month through stories, creative art, and putting their knowledge into action. They read a book called "Pride Puppy" detailing a family's fun day out as they walk through the Pride Parade, but their puppy gets loose and ends up in the parade too! After creating Pride Flag-inspired art, the preschoolers held their own Pride Parade outside to demonstrate the importance of sticking together, respecting everyone and standing up for what's right.


Our schoolagers learned about Pride not only through fictional books, but through the real tellings of lived experiences of folk in the queer community. They read a short story detailing the life of Jazz, a trans teenager who then became a queer activist. The school-agers then created their own interpretation of the Pride flag to demonstrate that all ideas, all voices, all narratives are valued and worth exploring, and all people are rightfully deserving of equality and kindness.

The way we've seen Pride takeover LCCC over the past month has been a beautiful display of allyship from children and adults alike, and the notion that everyone, regardless of age, is capable of learning how to treat others with equality and respect. That's how it starts, and as educators it is our role and our privilege, to ensure it continues forever more.

To another amazing Pride Month,


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