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We are a Rainbow of Possibilities! Colourful Photos of LCCC!

Updated: May 15, 2023


Our LCCC kids surely know how to brighten and liven the day with RAINBOW COLOURS! Check out what the kids have been up to this summer at LCCC as we are a RAINBOW OF POSSIBILITIES! So many fun activities and awesome days ahead!

We have been creating , playing and learning WITH COLOUR!

The toddlers have been doing many science experiments with food colouring. They dyed flowers and watched it change colours over the course of days. Toddlers also experimented with skittles, milk and water on a plate. The milk magically turned into a skittle rainbow in the center of the plate when water was poured!

The preschoolers have been using various mediums to display colours and creating art pieces! A beautiful mural for everyone to see . The preschoolers used DIY spray paint and using markers to draw rainbows onto poster paper!

The Kindergarten 2's and the Toddler 1 class have been designing Tie Dye shirts and Bandanas! We can wait to see how those creations turned out!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to rainbows!

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