We are a third party provider to the TDSB to operate a before and After School (B&A) Program for children attending full day kindergarten (FDK) . The Before School Program operates from 7:00am and continues until school begins. The After-School Programs begins at school dismissal and continues until 6:00p.m.

We offer full day childcare on non instructional days during the school year, as well as a camp program for Summer. The Fee for the program is blended from September to June, including non- instructional days and school holidays.

Our kindergarten B &A program provides children with more opportunities to learn. Early childhood educators lead the play-based, child centred program that is consistent with the learning that happens during the regular school day. Staff take the time to observe the children, listen, and plan activities based on their interests and skills, providing a balanced program that supports and encourages children.  Children are greeted by the same teaching team each day, which allows a sense of stability and relationships to develop. In addition to active play, children can socialize with their friends. Our program includes a mix of exploration, guided and independent activities, quiet time, and outdoor play. LCCC offers an enriched program with special activities, theme days, a music educator, and lots of trips and extended experiences, especially in our summer camp.

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