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toddler ROOM

Toddler Playing

  • Educator to Child Ratio (1:5 ratio)

  • Ages 18 months to 30 months

  • Extra measures are in place to ensure proper handwashing and diapering are performed to maintain cleanliness.

At LCCC we have two Toddler Rooms. In the toddler rooms, they have an opportunity to practice and hone many new and developing skills. In many cases, this is the first time that children have been away from their immediate families. They encounter social interactions with friends and educators, self-help skills, gross and fine motor opportunities, and learn healthy emotional regulation habits.


With the free play set up of the rooms coupled with intentional activities provided by the educators, the children learn to problem solve, gravitate towards interests, and navigate their new world. Our educators ensure that active toddlers receive the guidance and supervision needed to succeed, develop competence and self-esteem, building the foundation for their future success.



Curious Girl
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