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All of our programs are based around the philosophy that children learn and develop in a healthy and holistic way through play. Our teachers spend time to plan thoughtful activities and provide manipulatives that will foster learning through all of your child’s developmental domains; social, emotional, communication, cognition and physical. Learning centers are set up in different areas of the classroom geared towards particular types of free play. The ways these areas are set up gives the children clear expectations on what takes place there.


    In our programming you see numbered indicators attached to observations and activities. These indicators are explained in Early Learning for Every Child Today. (ELECT) pg . 15-45. The ELECT document is a framework for Ontario early childhood settings. Included in this framework is The Continuum of Developmental Skills ages, 14 months-3yrs,

2.5- 6yrs , 5-8yrs outlines skills that children at different ages can be expected to acquire across developmental domains (physical, social, emotional, communication/language and cognitive). As you can see the skill range overlaps from Preschool to K/SA and can be used interchangeably, depending on the developmental stage of the child, the sequence of developmental skills can be achieved within a broad range of time. The Continuum of Development describes the progression of development for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. The Continuum is made up of root skills and their indicators organized into developmental domains. Interactions describe experiences that support children’s development.  In addition, as you read through this, it will become apparent that the four foundations of “How Does Learning Happen?” is the objective vision when planning and carrying out your children’s learning experiences. The four foundations include Belonging, Well-being, Engagement and Expression. As presented in this document these foundations explain the significance of forming relationships, self-care, playful inquiry and multitudes of communication.

Children coloring

We plan activities geared towards all developmental areas; emotional, language, cognition, physical and social.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre provides care for families with children aged 1.6 to 10 years of age.

Running Children

We work within the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) curriculum framework, delivering an emergent, child centred and play based curriculum to all age groups

Child Doing Art Activity
Children in Science Class

 Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre we want our children to thrive, have the opportunity to blossom into responsible and contributing members of our community.

Our qualified and caring staff apply their knowledge of early childhood by using age appropriate activities, resources and materials as well as providing responsive caregiving. 

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