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Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre understands the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, particularly in the early stages of physical development for a child.


As an organization we strive to supply our children with healthy balanced meals that have plenty of nutrients  and meet the dietary requirements for optimal growth.

When creating our menus, we work closely with a dietician and follow 'Canada’s Food Guide to meet nutritional needs and support well-being. 

Click here to view the dieticians suggested

Food and Beverage Choices  and the

Menu Analysis & Recommendations for LCCC.

Our dedicated kitchen staff work professionally in equipped kitchens planning and preparing daily meals consisting of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Organic Vegetables

Week 1 Menu

Different Shades of Eggs

Week 2 Menu

Seeded Loaf

Week 3 Menu

Tropical Fruits

Week 4 Menu

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