school-age educators


jessica murray

Registered Early Childhood Educator

Hello, my name is Jessica Murray. I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator in the SA 1 room at LCCC. I have been on my childcare worker journey for 17 years now. I started at the age of 15 in a co-op placement for school and I fell in love with the amazing work we do. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with every age group and work in a variety of different settings. I have met so many wonderful families and students along the way and can’t wait to get to know all of you. During my free time I love to read, paint, and crochet. 


Samantha muyot

Lead Educator

Hi! I am Samantha Muyot and I have over 15+ years working with children. You may have seen me in the last 5 years at LCCC in various classrooms. Currently, I am in the School Age 2 room alongside Samira. 

Not only do I have education in and experience with Early Childhood, but I also have a background in Culinary Arts & French Patisserie. With that said, in my free time, I enjoy cooking and creating unique cakes! Another passion of mine is roller skating to keep active and travelling to many countries to explore culture, religions, lifestyles and cuisine. Ultimately as an educator, I want to ensure a safe and positive learning environment where all students can thrive to express themselves and share their ideas freely and respectfully. I also want to encourage their strengths and abilities and to always feel empowered!

Samira Abubaker RECE

Registered Early Childhood Educator

My name is Samira Abubaker. I'm a registered Early Childhood Educator and have been in the field for 8 years. I love working with children and helping them further their education as well as teaching them about the world today. One of my favourite things to do is art. Art has become a great tool for me, especially during this time. I do all types of art such as  abstract, acrylic pouring methods and many more. I recently Discovered resin, it has been a beautiful journey and has expanded my art catalog. Some of the other things I enjoy during my spare time are rollerblading, hiking, bike riding, spending time with family, painting and riding horses.