We offer childcare before school, at lunch, and after school for our school attenders.

School age children are eligible to attend from grade one through to the end of their grade 5 year. The needs of the children are distinctly different when school_age2as they grow older. We split the groups by age in order to try to best meet the differing needs of the age groups.

We make every effort to ensure that every child has a safe, warm and caring environment (a place where the children want to be), in which to grow and develop to their maximum potential. We are committed to fostering each child's self‑esteem through positive relationships and stimulating activities that are based on their interests and that will promote growth in all areas of development.

Each child is recognized as a unique individual who brings his or her own gifts to the program and deserves to be given the encouragement and space to try new things, explore new ideas and develop their own unique creativity. Childcare staff take the input and interests of the children and facilitate new experiences for the children to try and new skills to learn.

Staff develop warm, supportive and caring environments and  are sensitive to the fact that the children have been in a school environment all day.  Some children need some ‘downtime’ when they come back from school while others are raring to go with their friends. Children are given plenty of opportunities for independence and the ability to plan for themselves what they want to do.

Summer camp offers a chance for lots of special programming, trips, visitors, and long term projects.

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