Children will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to siblings of children already enrolled. Siblings are placed at the top of the waiting list for the age group, and also sorted by date added.

The Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre of
Etobicoke has spaces for the following children:

- Toddlers: 1 1/2 years - 2 1/2 years 20 (2 X 10)
- Preschool: 2 1/2 years - Kindergarten
32 (2 X 16)
- Kindergarten: 44 months to 68 months
52 (2 X 26)
- School Age : Grade 1 - 10 years 60 (2 X 30)

If the Centre is full, parents may elect to go on the waiting list. The centre keeps a list of families that call but also consults the City of Toronto waiting list generated for LCCC. When offering a space, the first few families will be called, the first family to come with a deposit (or confirm a subsidy placement) will be given a space. When the waitlist is updated, families must respond to the message or they will be deleted from the list. If offered a space and that space is refused, the waitlist application date is reset to the refusal date

Families on our waiting list may contact the centre, at any time to ascertain information regarding the position of their child on the list. This information will be provided with the strictest confidentiality, respecting the privacy of all on the waiting list.