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Better Later Than Never - We LOVE Our Moms and Grown-ups who love us!

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

We acknowledge that we're a little late with this one, as Mother's Day was a few weeks ago. But whether it be on a Sunday in May, June or any day of the year, the love we have for our moms deepens every day, and is worth celebrating all year round. Not to mention the incredible grownups in our lives that provide love, support, care and guidance.

As educators, it's our role to celebrate and embrace all the ways in which a grown-up can positively impact a child's life, because each child may have someone different who is most important to them. These inclusive celebrations can serve as important learning experiences by providing opportunities to discuss and acknowledge the many kinds of families in our communities and the many caregivers who are in children’s lives.

This year, our classrooms created some beautiful handmade gifts to honour their moms and grownup caregivers, and ensure that they felt celebrated. We're also so impressed with the attention to detail and creativity that goes into these curated gifts, and this year is no different.


Getting creative from hand to toe with hand-made popsicle stick picture frames and feet print cards!

Cute and functional, these toddlers painted canvas tote bags to give their loved one something stylish.


These preschoolers painted heart shapes and planted flowers for a gift that will keep on growing and keep on giving.

These friends made personalized keychains and paired them with a self-written book detailing all of their favourite things about their moms and caregivers.


The Kindergartens created some beautiful candle holders in a stained glass style. Each one was complete with the child's face on top of the lid.

School Age

Colourful works of art were created by the school agers to decorated to fit their own personal style.

We hope that every mom and special grown-up caregiver had a beautiful day receiving these special gifts from their littles. Certainly, ones that everyone will cherish, for many years to come.

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