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Halloween Fun

This past week, children and educators alike put their best pretend-selves forward as they celebrated Halloween in full costumes, and even fuller spirits. We love watching our classrooms participate in various celebrations of spirt and spook, and they certainly blew us away with creativity and enthusiasm.

Costume Parade

Every year our toddler and preschool classrooms paricipate in a costume parade down around the block or in the playground

of Seventh Street School. During this small parade, the children sometimes see their parents, siblings and people they know, and it's wonderful to witness the power of community, and the smile that creeps across each child's face as they notice their special someone.

Creepy Crafts

Our educators love to create and lead Halloween themed activities that engage and inspire the children in their room. From sensory to creative, each activity is geared to the children's development and catered to their unique interests.

A Happy Day For All

The spirit of the spookies came alive in many this Halloween, seeing most everyone from our kitchen staff, to office staff, educators and children, find a costume that best represents them and showing off a different side of themselves for the day.

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