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It’s About to get WILD : Summer Camp Photos

Updated: May 15, 2023









LCCC Summer Camp is getting WILD!

In this blog, check out our PHOTOS of :

• The Toronto Zoo - learning, exploration and fun!
• Animal Face Painting
• Animal Cookies & Recipe
• Little Red Theatre Show : Bantu Folklore
• Dissecting Owl Pellets
• Scavenger Hunt in our school yard
• Nature Soup Sensory
• Creating Habitats

During The Toronto Zoo trip, we were able to chat with zoo keeper learn about enrichment for the animals, and how they conduct research. We learned about a new habitat for the Orangutans. Did you know that rainforests are destroyed to make plantations for Palm Oil Plantations? It’s unfortunate and we must bring awareness and take steps to protect endangered species like the Orangutans and preserve natural habitats. Learn more in our blog!

Visiting The Toronto Zoo certainly deepened the students love for animals and nature! So much so, it extended throughout the week with special activities geared toward animals, reading, sensory activities and dramatic play.

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