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Learning through Nature

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

LCCC is enjoying summer camp and we are learning through nature! Our adventurers from Kindergarten 1 & 2 explored Treetop Trekking in Stouffville. There is zip-lining, rock climbing, roped playgrounds and tree forts! Speaking of Tree forts, this inspired the Kindergarten 2 room to use natural and recycled materials to create 3D tree-forts.

Our other classrooms have also observed nature and brought it into their classroom! The Toddler 1 painted rocks with added googly eyes to appear as though they were bugs. They also got their hands dirty with planting seeds. The Toddlers were guided using shovels and watering cans.

Preschool 2 also made use of natural objects like leaves, pine cones, twigs and more to create a lovely collage of nature.

The class also observed ladybugs in our school yard so they decided to paint lady bug art pieces!

Toddler 2 played with aquatic species like fish and also allowed the kids to try on fish costumes! Preschool 1 also created turtles and decorated a fish picture frame!

Since the children’s interest expanded to water play and aquatic species! We will explore that next and share more in our next blog!

See you then!

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