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Lots of Love From LCCC

Happy Valentine's Day, to our Lakeshore community, friends and family. We certainly felt the love in our centre on February 14th and all the days prior, as our classrooms prepared special gifts and creations for the loved ones in their lives. It's always such a delight to watch the children in our care pour their interests and ideas into their own special projects, knowing that they're learning and developing every step of the way. Here's what our classrooms got up to to celebrate Valentine's Day this year.

Getting Creative

Many of our classrooms incorporated Valentine's Day into their programming through creative art and sensory experiences. Supporting each child's individual development through open-ended activities such as sensory bins with ice and creatives with different mediums, help them to harness early stages of counting, sorting and personal preference with colour, shape and texture. Not to mention the adorable handmade gifts that come out of each activity for the children to share with their loved ones.

Sensory and Sharing

Other classrooms incorporated cooking and Valentine Card delivery into their programming for some love themed fun. Making their own waffles from scratch and getting to eat them afterwards to celebrate a job well done. And cooperating with their peers to deliver and sort Valentine Cards to every member of the classroom.

The love was shared and spread this Valentine's Day to everyone in our centre and we hope that you enjoyed your homemade gifts.

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