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May is Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month

During the month of May, we acknowledge the long and rich history of Asian Canadians and their contributions to Canada. It is is an opportunity for all Canadians to learn more about the many achievements and contributions of Asian Canadian descent who, throughout our history, have done so much to make Canada the amazing country we share today. It is important to take the time to reflect on their myriad of struggles throughout history and how Asian Canadians achieved equality in this country. We should also celebrate and honour their victories, recognize their resilience and many contributions that Asian Canadians have provided to the growth and prosperity of Canada!

This is an opportunity to mark the legacy of Asian Canadians, past and present, including those of East Asian descent (e.g., China, Japan, Korea), South Asian descent (e.g., India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Southeast Asian descent (e.g., Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia), Central Asian descent (e.g., Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan) and West Asian descent (e.g., Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey). Canada’s cultural diversity strengthens the country socially, politically and economically in innumerable ways.

Asian Heritage Month is an ideal occasion for all to celebrate the rich values, beliefs and cultural expressions of various Asian cultures.

Here are some resources for families and kids to acknowledge Asian Heritage Month this May:

Colouring Page:

Kids Books:

What are some other creative ways to acknowledge Asian Heritage Month with your kids/ families?

Perhaps trying a new asian recipe? Why not support a local Asian restaurant and discover new foods? Perhaps supporting your local Asian-Canadian business like a store and purchasing goods or items from them? Read together and share your knowledge of Asian-Canadian past experiences with friends and families!

Keep us posted! Leave a comment below!

- Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre

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