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Oct 10: World Mental Health Day.

Updated: May 15, 2023

Monday October 10th is World Mental Health Day. As Educators or as parents, we know having caring, connected conversations can have a big impact on the mental health of children and youth.

Access to mental health care is crucial to helping individuals receive the necessary support. Below we have provided mental health check-ins that help recognize these heavy feelings or experiences. We also shared simple ways to help cope during these difficult times and hopefully alleviate whatever it is you are experiencing. Useful websites, organizations , hotlines, workbooks, daily affirmations, journal sheets and book suggestions are a few things to try out.

If things persist, we recommend seeking professional assistance such as physician, therapists, health and wellness coaches, counsellors or crisis workers. Ensuring that individuals have access to mental health care can improve lives and communities.

LCCC is committed to providing a barrier-free , safe , supportive, respectful environment for all children. As educators we want LCCC to be a space:

  • To have meaningful , respectful relationship's

  • A place to learn how to deal with conflict

  • To allow access to education and activities

  • To embrace culture and diversity amongst people with all walks of life, regardless of gender, race or disability , personal experiences

  • To be supportive in children's future planning and goals

  • To help build self confidence and well-being


PEEL: please call 905-451-4655

Local and Nationwide Crisis Services for Children and Youth, Under 16

Local and Nationwide Crisis Services for Youth and Young Adults, Age 16+

Walk-In Counselling Services in Peel

Walk-In Counselling Services Outside Peel Region

Child and Youth Mental Health Advocacy Groups








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