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Summer Camp Memories!

Updated: May 15, 2023

Some of our most cherished childhood memories are about summer camp!

LCCC is sharing memorable photos of the magical weeks of sun, fun and friendship!

THANK YOU to our families, office and educators, kitchen staff, part-time /casual staff and escorts…

Huge thank you to our LCCC educators who have planned daily activities, trips and entertainment. Your hard work is always appreciated. Thank you to our kitchen staff for making wonderful tasty meals daily, especially on our trips. Thank you to our cleaning team for keeping our toys and classrooms tidy. Thank you to our casual, part-time staff and daycare escorts for assisting with all the classrooms. You are always a big help! Thank you to the office for organizing, planning and making all these amazing trips and entertainment happen at LCCC Summer Camp! Thank you for popping in each room to participate and join in on the fun!

We recognize all the hard work and time the staff has dedicated to making all our LCCC kids happy this summer camp! It was a success!

Most of all, we would like to THANK our LCCC families and their kids who have joined us this summer camp and making it incredibly memorable. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we have!

LCCC looks forward to seeing you next summer!

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