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The Fun-tastic ways we explored FALL at LCCC!

Updated: May 15, 2023

Fall is a great time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature before it gets too cold. While you are outside, encourage your children to pick up some beautiful leaves and bring them home. We have been doing the same with our LCCC kids during our walks and playing in the school yard. It's a great way to collect and see what you can create with this free and plentiful craft supply.

Let's celebrate the natural world and the imaginations of children! Let's get inspired by nature walks, yard play and create all kinds of art projects and ideas from what we see in nature!

Fall is a great time to learn responsibility all while having fun! Our LCCC SA 1 class picked up leaves to clear some space for the Preschoolers to ride their bikes and play! The bonus was keeping most leaves and using it for their art and sensory activities in the SA1 class!

Our Preschool 1 class enjoyed outdoor play with the abundance of leaves on the ground from our beautiful trees in the yard! They jumped and lied down in the leaves! Many of the students decided to make "Fall Angels" much like "snow angels"! Great idea!

Who doesn't enjoy a Fall Scavenger Hunt?! Make a list of clues and hide it amongst leaves! Hide toys, acorns, mini pumpkins, gourds, pine cones etc! Simple easy fun!

The Kindergartens also displayed all their wonderful leaf collages! We encourage you to showcase your leafy creations around your home, on the fridge door, in a frame or at school on the bulletin boards for your class to see!

Toddler 1 has a gorgeous Fall Birthday Board. Adorable handprint painted acorns, textured yarn squirrels and of course fall leaves!


There are so many ways to be creative with fall activities! Here some other ideas!

  • Use leaves to creat Leaf-People

  • Sponge paint patterns onto the leaves or use your leaf as a stamp to imprint its natural texture

  • Make a leaf mask and have a Fall Masquerade Ball!

  • Make a leaf garland and weave it through string. Great way to increase fine motor skills.

  • Sort leaves by category and research what kind of tree it came from

  • Create a leaf collage

  • Use the leaf as a paint stencil

  • Collect leaves, coloured tissue pieces and apply it on 'Con-Tact Brand' clear adhesive liners. Once leaves & tissue are applied onto the liner, add another liner of equal size to seal it. Now your collage can be showcased onto a window to catch the sun!


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