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Toddler 1’s classroom board is displaying Sunflowers to symbolize peace and solidarity

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There is a strong significance behind the gesture of wearing sunflowers for Ukraine; it is the country’s national flower. Sunflowers have popped up all over the world as people show their solidarity for Ukraine and its people. Many were wearing sunflower pins or garlands of them in their hair.

The sunflower also symbolizes unity, peace, resistance, life, wellbeing, energy, adoration and fertility. Sunflowers are known as “happy” flowers that are capable of bringing joy and elevating mood of anyone who lays their eyes on this sunny bloom.

Sunflowers made their way to Ukraine through the efforts of the early explorers of North America where it was one of only a few native food crops (along with squash, blueberries and pecans). Seeds were brought back to the old world, and found to grow well in hot, dry places with rich soil, such as the “Black Earth” regions of Ukraine.

The sunflower has become an integral part of the Ukrainian tradition as well over the years. They can be found in the yards of village houses or woven into the dresses of women worn during celebrations. Ukraine is also the largest producer of sunflower seeds and sunflower oil. This versatile crop covers central Ukraine bringing joy, beauty, symbolism, and snacks to the people of Ukraine – and the world – by way of the ever-powerful energy of the sun.

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