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Mourning the loss of the children of Kamloops Indian Residential School

Dear Families,

We wanted to take this time to acknowledge the 215 children that were found at Kamloops Residential School. It is hard to fathom the atrocities experienced by the young children that attended hundreds of residential schools across Canada.

As childcare workers we understand the importance of safety, love, culture, family and trust in the holistic development of our children and our hearts ache for the families whose children never returned home during those times. We also want to address the continued challenges faced by Indigenous families who continue to face the effects of these schools within society, specifically in the education system.

At Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre we will continue to strive to learn from and support our families from varying backgrounds and experiences.


Below are some great organizations you may want to look at. We must learn to keep ourselves and families informed about the history of our country and its contemporary affects on society.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Native Women's Association of Canada

Raven Trust

Indian Residential School Survivors Society:


Moose Hide Campaign


JUNE is National Indigenous History Month.

Please consider this as a time of reflection to honour the history, heritage, diversity and the current presence of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. It is a time to learn, appreciate and acknowledge the strength and resilience of Indigenous Peoples and to acknowledge their contributions to society.

We must all recognize the part we play in reconciliation as settlers and new immigrants to Canada. We hope to continue to do our part as educators in having continued conversations promoting action through sharing stories, picture books, artwork and extended projects. Additionally, you can reach out to government representatives and demand action on all the Truth and Reconciliation Committee's calls to action or donate to where money goes directly to Indian Residential School Survivors.

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