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Goodbye summer, HELLO AUTUMN - Sept. 22

Updated: May 15, 2023


When September rolls around something seems to shift in the air. Perhaps there's a new chill in the evenings. Everything with apples appear in the market, and suddenly everyone has the urge to order a pumpkin spice latte from your local coffee shop. That's right, it occurs to you that summer is officially over. We then ponder, "When is the first day of fall?"

Well fall is officially on September 22, 2022.

You may have heard of autumnal equinox and wonder what that is. As We all know, the Earth revolves around the Sun. Earth is tilted in relation to the Sun and the Earth’s North Pole always points to the same direction in space. As a result, different parts of Earth receive different amounts of sunlight throughout the year, resulting in seasons changing. When the sun shines directly onto the equator, the northern and southern hemisphere's cause all latitudes to experience equal amount of daylight and darkness almost everywhere on Earth. Equinoxes take place twice a year, Autumnal and Vernal. On September 22, begins with the autumnal equinox . Our days become shorter and our nights become longer.

With that said, Autumn and Fall is beautiful!

The trees change in colour, the air is cooler and a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables are in season. There are also fun activities to look forward to in the fall that are often on many peoples bucket lists.

Here LCCC would like to share everything AUTUMN to start your season right!

Get creative with this impressive fall art activities for the kids





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