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Happy Baisakhi/ Vaisakhi!


Celebration of Baisakhi:

Sikhs begin the Vaisakhi with a visit to the gurdwara, a place of worship.

After religious services are held, people begin a day of celebration.

Fairs and activities are also

organized on this day.

They wear colourful, traditional clothes as they join in on parades on the streets. There is lots of singing, dancing and chanting of hymns.

Dance performances including Bhangra and Gidda are also performed. Children and youth showcase their skills in martial arts along with the drummers and bands around, men swing swords, all these make the festival very exciting.

Often food and sweets are exchanged. Giving out free food comes from a tradition called ‘langar’. Everyone in the community, poor or wealthy would come together and share a meal, and celebrate Baisakhi.

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