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LCCC celebrates Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day!

LCCC recognizes the valuable contributions of Child Care Workers and Early Childhood Educators and the impact they have on children, families, and communities. We want to personally thank our educators and staff for their contributions, as it's meaningful and imperative to the development and well-being of all the LCCC children!

Our educators have provided incredible insight in planning and teaching by providing interest based, age-appropriate activities, and learning skills that are in line with the curriculum. Their effort and drive of our educators out towards the program, goes to show that they put their students first! Especially with this pandemic, the educators have been accommodating, flexible, willing to learn , take on new challenges and seize each day. They ensured that their students felt comfortable, loved and most importantly safe! You can always count on each and every one of our staff to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for the children! You've supported the children daily , establishing meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.

On October 21st, our educators and staff were treated with an abundance of food from Pickle Barrel; savory chicken, salmon and steaks, a tower of shrimp, a variety of salads, delicious sandwiches and wraps, fruit, cupcakes , chocolate dipped strawberries and much more!!!

The LCCC staff/ educators want to THANK ALL OUR LCCC FAMILIES for your generous donations and kind messages that made our staff feel specials, appreciated as being the heroes that they are!

Thank you to the Early Learning and Child Care workers that make a difference ! You truly are HEROES!

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