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A Thoughtful Canada Day

Updated: May 15, 2023





Some Canadians embrace the celebration of Canada Day because they are grateful for their life in this nation. Some may find themselves in an uncomfortable position where they are grateful for their freedoms but recognize the Indigenous traumas and injustices that have allowed for such freedoms. Others may refuse to celebrate and find any celebration connected to Canadian colonialization to be incompatible with processes of reconciliation.

At LCCC, It is important to mark this Canada Day with respectful acknowledgement of our history.

We need to shift the discussion of Canada Day celebrations to conversations of better honoring Indigenous cultures as well as moving towards reconciliation and justice.

Canada Day 2022 is a time for reflection, to acknowledge the past and aim to aspire and commit to working toward a brighter future for all.

This Flag which is in this blog, was designed by Kwakwaka’wakw Artist, Mulidzas Curtis- Wilson.

Curtis was born, raised and lived in Campbell River. His family came from the four corners of the Kwakwaka’wakw territory.

The Design: The flag with swimming salmon of the sides and orca inside a maple leaf is significant this Canada Day in the wake of discoveries of unmarked graves at former residential schools. This year’s flag, suitable for posting in your window, is different, and reflects the times we are in. Canada, as we know it, could not exist without the Indigenous presence.

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