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Black History learning through PLAY : Learning Dr. Patricia Bath, Ophthalmologist & Inventor

Here at LCCC our Dramatic Centre allow for the opportunity to learn about different careers, community heroes. It allows for children to use their imaginations to re-enact familiar stories or life experiences. It is also safe space to explore these ideas and to practice them on the children or objects around them.

This month we focused on learning about Dr. Patricia Bath whom is an Ophthalmologist & Inventor.

Patricia Bath was an American doctor. She was an ophthalmologist, or eye doctor. She worked to make sure everyone had access to basic eye care and also invented a new technique and device for cataract surgery. Bath was the first African American woman to receive a medical patent in the United States.

(A patent is an official document that gives an inventor control over who may use his or her invention.)

Our students were inspired by Dr. Patricia Bath and like her, pretended to be eye doctors.

They examined different eyeballs (fake) through a microscope, testing their ability by looking at an optical eye exam from a distance, they pretended to sell various fake eyeglasses to customers and wrote prescriptions. Its amazing what children observe through everyday life!

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