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Celebrating Mothers and Grown-Ups Who Love Us DAY

We cherish and honour our mothers, as well as all grown-ups who love us, not solely on Mother's Day but every day of the year because of their selfless dedication and unwavering support. Their love is boundless, transcending any specific day or occasion.

As early childhood educators, we're like gardeners, nurturing little seeds of understanding and empathy in children's hearts. So, why do we make sure to celebrate all grown-ups who love us, not just on Mother's Day but every day? Well, think about it—love isn't just about biology; it's about care and support, whether it comes from moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, or other special adults in a child's life.

By showing kids that love wears many faces, we're teaching them that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that's something pretty special. Plus, it helps them see the world through kinder, more inclusive eyes, understanding that everyone deserves love and respect, no matter their role. So, when we embrace this diversity of love, we're not just teaching lessons—we're sowing seeds of compassion that'll grow into something beautiful in their hearts.

To celebrate these amazing adults in each child's life, our classrooms excitedly crafted special artwork and homemade gifts for their loved ones. These creations aren't just about the final product; they're heartfelt expressions of love and appreciation. When children proudly take these treasures home, they bring smiles and happy tears to their grown-ups' faces.

Celebrating With Moms & Special Grown-Ups

We invited each child's mother or special grown up into our centre to enjoy some breakfast treats with their child in the heart of the classroom.

Creative Keepsakes





Embracing the diverse forms of love and celebrating the creative gifts from our children, we cultivate an environment of inclusivity and appreciation. These small gestures speak volumes, fostering deeper connections between children and their loved ones. Together, we're nurturing a community where love knows no bounds, and every expression is cherished. We hope you enjoy these gifts as much as we love planning them!

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