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Easter Activities at LCCC

Hey peeps 🐣!

LCCC has been doing a few Easter/Spring activities for the kids! Every classroom did a little something fun and exciting!

Let’s hop 🐇into each room and see what they’ve been up to!


Toddler 1

Cognitive: Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt


Toddler 2

Sensory Exploration:

Easter Egg Sensory Play


Preschool 1

Physical Play-Fine Motor: Decorating Easter Eggs with feathers, tissue, foam pieces & stickers


Preschool 2

Creative Expression:

Painted Footprint Carrots


Kindergarten 1

Creative Expression:

Drawing ornate designs onto Easter eggs 🥚

Kindergarten 2

Sensory Exploration:

Planting & Finding bugs emerging for Spring

Spending quality time with each other and bonding mover plants 🪴


School Age 1 & 2

Physical Play: Enjoying the beautiful spring weather by being active - Frisbee Toss & Rhythmic Ribbon Dancing


Well that was fun!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful SPRING weather as of lately!

LCCC would like to enjoy your long weekend and


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