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LCCC stands in solidarity against Islamophobia & all forms of racism and discrimination

January 29 is a date that Muslims in Quebec and the rest of Canada will forever mourn. Islamophobic‘s took the innocent lives of six Muslim men, as they prayed at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City. Many more were injured. This attack affected and continues to afflict many families, friends, neighbours, and communities across Canada.

But January 29 also represents a day of hope, a day where we can come together for a better future for Canadians of all backgrounds, for a Canada that is free from Islamophobia and hate.

Green Square Campaign honours the victims and survivors of the Quebec City mosque attack. Allies are encouraged to continue to speak out against Islamophobia and all forms of racism and discrimination.

What can you do:
Participate in the Green Square Campaign to stand in solidarity with the families that are left to deal with the tragedy of this Islamophobic attack.


Use a green virtual background for all virtual meetings or calls


Learn about the work of the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group to combat racism and human rights violations in Canada.


Participate in an event commemorating January 29 or organize one in your community.

Read, build on and share the Canadian Labour Congress’ report: Islamophobia at Work: Challenges and Opportunities


Register for a workshops on racial justice, Indigenous issues, and human rights.


On January 29, join with others in virtual vigils across the country and events to commemorate the victims of the Quebec Mosque attack and to let their friends and family members know that they are not alone. And wear a green square in hope.
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