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Love Is All Around

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone at LCCC, and one thing for sure was all the love we saw throughout each classroom.

The love of creating, the love of exploring, the love of learning a new skill and the love felt between friends as they shared Valentines Cards with one another.

Here are a few highlights from our Toddler and Preschool programs, led by our amazing educators.

Toddler 1 poured their love into cooking, making chocolate covered strawberries and then enjoying their tasty treats for afternoon snack.

Toddler 2 participated in the love of the arts, creating abstract paintings and sorting red and pink petals into bowls in their sensory bin.

Preschool 1 shared their love of cooperation, each taking turns at the sensory table, and participating in circle time wherein each child received a Valentine Card.

Preschool 2 showed their love of friendship, enjoying a Valentine hand-out circle time and singsonging every child's name, as led by their teacher.

Everyday at LCCC shows us just how much love, really is all around us. The smile on a child's face when they see the activity they love. The laughter between a teacher and their circle time as they read a book loved by all. The empathy shared between children to comfort them at morning drop-off, reminding them that they are loved. And even the love our kitchen staff pours into every meal they cook for the centre. Love is around everyday at LCCC, Valentines Day is just a special treat.

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