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Lunar New Year fruits and food to try for the YEAR OF THE TIGER!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Lunar New Year fruits and food to try for the


Why not try some of these delicious foods and fruits to start your Lunar New Year …and learn along the way! These delicious fruits and foods have so many symbolic meanings. Some countries who celebrate the Lunar New Year may have varying symbolic meanings or traditions. At LCCC, we encourage you to research more and extend your knowledge to friends and families.


Below, pick what you like from the list and celebrate Lunar New Year in your own way!


According to Chinese ancient legends, the number of dumplings you eat during the Chinese New Year predicts the amount of money you’ll make in the upcoming year.

Longevity Noodle

Known as “long-life noodles”, these noodles are up to two feet long. The longer the noodle, the luckier you’ll be!

Spring Rolls

Resembling bars of gold, spring rolls are said to bring wealth and good fortune.

Learn how to make the LCCC School Age recipe here!

Tray of Togetherness

Tray of Togetherness represents peace and family harmony. Fill the tray with an assortment of small treats like dried fruit, nuts, candy and cookies.

Oranges/ Citrus - Prosperity

Oranges, kumquats, tangerines and pomelos are common Lunar New Year gifts because they’re believed to bring good luck and happiness. The golden hues of these fruits also symbolizes prosperity. It is believed that the round shape of the orange is an auspicious symbol of togetherness and harmony. You will often find potted orange trees during this celebration.

Apples - Calmness

In Chinese culture, an apple symbolizes a 'wish for peace'. As in Chinese the word apple, "Ping Guo". Ping means peace and tranquillity

Watermelons - Abundance

Watermelon is a symbol of fecundity, abundance, fertility or new growth. The numerous seeds of the fruit represent wealth and prosperity.

Pineapples - Good Luck / Good Fortune

Which means good fortune will come, with that is wealth and good luck.

Sugarcanes- Success

Sugarcane has strong and thick, jointed stalks which symbolize promotion in one’s career, and /or improvement of life.


The typical fruits mentioned above are available at most grocery stores. With these fruits, families can create lunar fruit platter with the fresh delights and treats to boost your wealth and attract Chi energy for the Year of the Tiger!

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