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March Break Madness

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

March break is always an exciting time here at LCCC, and this year was no exception. From science experiments to dance parties, day trips to music performances, every classroom created fun, engaging and unique activities all week long.


The toddler classrooms stayed busy with creative activities (puppet painting), science experiments (pineapple volcanoes), dramatic play (fruit & veggie pyjama picnic) and a performance from Rob Joy Puppeteer.


The preschool classrooms had fun getting messy and getting creative with their science based and dramatic activities. They made their own puppets and tie dye shirts. They cooperated to create giant alphabet paintings and a fruit salad. And to celebrate, they had a a disco dance party.


The Kindergarten classrooms largely focused on cause and effect science activities, hypothesizing what the outcome might be of making goop, creating crystals and blending colours. But they also made some time for climbing, jumping and sliding on a trip to Happy Kingdom Indoor Playground.

School Age

The School Agers had fun making gravity defying foods (astronaut ice cream), creating space goo and watching a science show to discovery new ideas and theories.

We love seeing the creativity and inquiry that goes into each and every one of these activities. It allows for each child to explore and investigate in a way that feels best for them. We hope everyone had a fun and safe March Break!

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