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Our Halloween Costumes & Crafts!

Updated: May 15, 2023

Check out all our Halloween costumes and crafts from all our classrooms! Even the office joined in on the hallowe'en fun!

The kids have been doing a bunch of fun activities! They decorated pumpkins and experimented with pumpkin seeds for a sensory activity. Some even put fake skeleton, bones and eyeballs in a water sensory to create a witch's concoction! Many classrooms created spooky ghosts, creepy spiders and sparkly witch hats!

Why not parade around the daycare hallways and go for a walk to show off the Halloween costumes?! You could instantly see the joy and excitement in these kids when they got into costume as their favourite character, animal or hero! They are beyond thrilled to trick or treat!

Remember to be safe and most of all have fun!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the LCCC family !


Toddler 2


Toddler 1


Preschool 2


Preschool 1



School Age


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