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Christmas in childcare is an exciting time – after all, no one anticipates the arrival of Christmas like young children! As early childhood educators, we get to contribute to that excitement and by helping he children create something special to share with their families!

If you’re looking for some fresh activities and craft ideas, look no further!

LCCC'S AMAZING EDUCATORS gathered a bunch of fun, creative ideas to do with your families to keep you festive through until December 25th!


Christmas Art that can be Keepsakes!

A gorgeous, personalized Christmas card that doubles as a keepsake so parents can cherish what their children made . Why not print out snowmen, snowflakes or festive decorations, then have your child paint it, draw on it, add glitter or styrofoam cut-outs. Here are a few examples

Photo courtesy of Toddler 1

Photo courtesy of Preschool 1


Painted Winter Wonderland!

An easy paint activity that requires little effort but looks wintery and whimsical! Simply get blue construction paper, various paints and glitters in silver, blue or white! Using a fine paintbrush your child can freely paint wherever they may please. Why not use the other end of the paintbrush to create dots to appear as snowflake! Now the fun part - SHAKE the glitter like SNOWING!

Photo courtesy of Preschool 2


DIY Ornaments

DIY tree decorations children can make, so let your imagination take charge here! Try cardboard or wooden cut out shapes, or popsicles sticks shaped as stars or trees . Apply glue and cover in glitter, confetti or embellish with tiny gems!

Photo courtesy of Preschool 1

Photo courtesy of Preschool 1 & Toddler 2

Easy Holiday Treats To Make!

Here is an easy treat to make at home with your kids! Why not bake sugar cookies or decorate cupcakes! However if you are not in the mood to bake, here is an easy NO BAKE Truffle recipe that will surely impress your friends and family!

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