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We Remember

On November 11th, we honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and freedom in the line of duty. Some have passed, yet some veterans still live with us today to tell their story and share their truth. But for all of them, we acknowledge their courage, their bravery and their lives.

To honour this, our educators brought forward developmentally appropriate books and hands on activities for the children to understand the importance of Remembrance Day and what it symbolizes.

Learning Through Literature

Some of our classrooms read the book The Poppy Lady. A story about a schoolteacher who saw the hardships of war firsthand, as many of her own students and friends, were soldiers. This story details how she was able to establish the red poppy as a symbol of honour to remember the lives that were lost. A symbol still widely known in our lives today.

Creative Expression

Each classroom made their own version of the red poppy in a way that best suits their style, age and development. We love seeing the variety of work done by each child, as it shows that there is no one way to learn, and no right way to create.

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