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Welcome to the LCCC Blog!

Updated: May 7, 2021

Welcome to Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre! This is our first official blog post and we hope to have more to come in the near future. Get to know us!


This past year has forced us at Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre to overcome obstacles we could have never imagined. With so many unknowns surrounding COVID-19, such as school closures, not being able to plan accordingly, finding stability and trying find some sense of normalcy threw many people for a loop. It was stressful for many communities, including our LCCC families and staff.

With that said, eventually a silver lining appeared in the midst of all the chaos. Our Management team and educators continued to be resilient, put safety first, be present and provide support through these difficult times. The management team and staff as a collective, realized our worth. As Educators we play a major role for our society to function. WE ARE ESSENTIAL. CARE WORK MAKES ALL WORK POSSIBLE.

Our purpose is to support our LCCC families and nearby communities by continuing to advocate, educate, provide resources, provide comfort & safety and provide optimism.

To be supportive, we want to find ways to keep our families up to date with news, events, resources, ideas and activities. Here are a few POSITIVE changes we've made since COVID-19:

  • We revamped our website

  • We are currently using the Himama App to do our daily reports digitally.

  • We are more present on our Facebook Page

  • We are frequently updating our families with all the activities and events that we are doing daily.

  • We launched our blog, look out for new posts

  • We have been advocating for Educators and Child Care Centres

  • We have been encouraging an enhanced understanding of respect for different cultures and beliefs of children, families , staff and the community.

Last year, 2020 was not what we have planned . This year, 2021 continues to have its challenges. However, through it all there were many lessons learned, mindsets have been shifted for the better and our actions were carefully made with mindfulness and purpose. These are the memories and changes we've created here Lakeshore Community Childcare and we wouldn't want it in any other way.

- Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre

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