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In Memoriam...Christie Leja

May 2nd, 2023 marked one year since we lost our colleague and friend, Christie Leja.

The joy that Christie brought to the world can't ever be measured, gone too soon, but will always live on in our memories. Having said that, with the tireless support of a parent volunteer, a patch of grass has been transformed into a Memorial Butterfly Garden in her honor.

As the garden grows and flourishes, it will serve as a reminder of her positive impact on the community and her ability to bring joy and hope to others, a lasting testament to her legacy and a symbol of the love and appreciation that we all have for her.

"Butterflies have a magical quality to them. They appear so ethereal and fragile, much like fairies dancing on air." - Mystical Raven

We will be accepting monetary donations which will be used to purchase items necessary to sustain the garden and the pollinators that live and migrate through our community. Contact for more details

Love always, the LCCC Family

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